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Hi there, I’m Steph!

Overwhelmed mommas come to me for help with finding the culprit to their chaos and figuring out how to begin Rediscovering Normal™ by changing their thoughts so they can create the life of their dreams!

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Your thoughts matter. You're feeling stuck and needing a change - you need to Rediscover Normal. Life is too short to not live the life of your dreams and the life that God has planned for you. Get ready to stop living life

according to "normal" and change your life by changing your mindset.

The way you think is the reason you're stuck. It's time to stop letting the enemy control your thoughts and start living the fruitful life God has planned for you.

I help you get out of that “stuck” phase and begin living the fruitful life God has planned for you. I’ll help you get there by developing a Holy Spirit Mindset and being obedient to God’s plan. If you’re ready, let’s start your journey in Rediscovering Normal today!

After working for a big tech company for 10 years, I knew it was time to part ways and devote more time to my family.

I made the decision to leave my reputable career to be a stay-at-home-momma and be totally obedient to what God called me to do!

Even though I was able to be wife & mom first as a stay-at-home-momma, I also self-published a book, started a podcast and have a coaching program for other mommas who want to take the leap of faith and quit their jobs to be home as well! I'm an entrepreneur to my core!

I am passionate about helping other mommas live the life of their dreams - the life they're called to live!

It is my greatest pleasure to be able to be your hype girl, your biggest fan, and make you believe in yourself and your dreams again!

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More About Steph

I am a wife to the most patient man and momma to three adorable kiddos. In 2021, I made the leap of faith to leave my fancy corporate job to be wife & mom first. But God had big plans for me.

Even as a stay-at-home-momma, I still had the working heart. Since leaving my career, I've self-published

Rediscovering Normal: Finding Faith After Trauma, Loss, and Divorce. Living the Fruitful Life God has Planned for You

I started the Rediscovering Normal Podcast and The Rediscovering Normal Method coaching program. I've also launched my own boutique agency to help business owners grow and scale their business with Facebook® and Instagram® ads.

The entrepreneurial spirit runs through me deep!

I live in a rural community in Iowa and come from a family of multiple small business owners. I'm a small town girl through and through.

Family is absolutely everything to me! These beautiful people are the reason I do what I do. That's why I'm so passionate about helping you create the life of your dreams!

I know what it's like to feel like you have to choose between family and career. So, let's see what you're holding back and help you step into your calling and create the life of your dreams!

I can't wait to get started with you!

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