Rediscovering Normal™ Session

The Rediscovering Normal™ Session is a 60-minute one-on-one executive coaching session, where I help you start believing in yourself and your dreams of starting an online business.

You'll have a chance to share what's on your heart and what you feel called to do. Then, you'll received coaching that helps you see the potential of what's possible with launching an online business.

Already have an online business but feel stuck? The Rediscovering Normal™ Session will help you gain clarity on what steps to take next. The session will provide strategy and leadership development to help you move forward and achieve your goals in your business.

If you're ready to walk away from everything the world is telling you is “normal” and start Rediscovering Normal™ in order to create the life of your dreams, I'm the mentor for you. Let's get to it!



Are you ready to change your day-to-day and start living the life of your dreams?

With the Rediscovering Normal™ Daily Journal, you’ll begin changing the thoughts that hold you back.

- Start Your Day with Gratitude

- Start Daydreaming From a Place of Hope

- Release the Shame Behind Following Your Dreams

- Partner with God and Create Momentum for Your Dreams to Become a Reality

If you’re ready to go ALL IN on your dreams, improve your mindset with daily routines - routines that grow your ability to surrender control and be led by the Spirit - and finally start loving yourself AND the dream you’ve been given, this journal is for you.


- 90 days of undated journal entries to start your daily routine in Rediscovering Normal™

- Daily entries to focus on God's Help, Dreams, Affirmations & Gratitude

- Goal setting exercise to outline the mindset areas you want to shift

- Holy Spirit Moments section to keep track of all the moments God speaks to you

- Prayer List to be intentional about who you're praying for each season

- Season Reflection to look back and identify what shifts you experienced, what Holy Spirit Moments happened, and what Prayers were answered

The Rediscovering Normal™ Method

A Self- Paced Course + 12 weeks of voxer coaching to help you create the life of your dreams by changing your thoughts and leaning into who God called you to be. All while learning how to release the shame that may come up while following your dreams.

The Rediscovering Normal™ Method will:

Guide you through how to figure out your calling

Help you release shame and step into creating a business that feels authentic to YOU

Assist you with 1-on-1 voxer coaching to help keep you motivated and focused on achieving your goals

If you're ready to go all in on your dreams of starting an online business, The Rediscovering Normal™ Method is for you.

Rediscovering Normal™ Membership

Are you looking for a community of like-minded women who are passionate about creating a life of their dreams and starting an online business?

Join the Rediscovering Normal™ Membership where we work together to change our thoughts so that we can create the life of our dreams by Rediscovering Normal™

The Holy Spirit Mindset Method by Rediscovering Normal™

A Step-by-Step Course that Teaches You a Daily Routine to Help You Transform Your Mind and Start Living Life being Led by the Spirit and start creating the life of your dreams by Rediscovering Normal™

Start Your Own Online Business

Includes EVERYTHING you need to start a thriving online business in your spare time! Ready to get started Rediscovering Normal™ TODAY?! Check out the Digital Marketing Academy and start your business by Rediscovering Normal™

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