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Create the Life You Want by Changing Your Thoughts


Do you have a dream in your heart that feels totally unrealistic?

Do you find yourself thinking, there is just no way that dream ever would work?

Did someone tell you that your ideas were just too crazy, a little out there?

In this podcast, you’ll learn how to change your thoughts, focus on gratitude, start daydreaming from a place of hope instead of wishful thinking, release the shame behind following your dreams and partnering with God for all of it, because He placed those crazy dreams in your heart for a reason.

My mission is to help you create the life of your dreams by changing your thoughts. I’ll help you begin believing in yourself, so you can step into your true calling from God - even if it seems crazy on the outside! I’m here to be your hype girl, because I believe in you and what God is calling you to!

Hi, I’m Steph, a recovering people pleaser, a Jesus follower, wife and momma of three. I’m passionate about helping you figure out who you were called to be. After my ”normal” came crashing down, I knew I needed to start creating the life of my dreams - regardless of what others thought. I finally learned that if I wanted to live the life of my dreams, I needed to pick up my bible, learn who I was and surrender control to Jesus. I stopped letting fear stop me from stepping into who God called me to be.

If you’re ready to go ALL IN on your dreams, improve your mindset with daily routines - routines that grow your ability to surrender control and be led by the Spirit - and finally start loving yourself AND the life you’ve been given, this podcast is for you.

So grab a pen and notebook, a warm cup of coffee or your favorite beverage, and let’s start dreaming again by Rediscovering Normal.

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